Transmission Flush near Dallas, TX

Drivers who want to keep their vehicle operating in peak condition know how important it is to keep up with preventative maintenance. Often, when people think about preventative maintenance, transmission flushes are not the first to come to mind.  However, the service is vital to the long-term health of the transmission and should occur approximately every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on the vehicle’s make, model and transmission type. If your vehicle is due for a transmission flush near Dallas, Texas, schedule a service appointment with our Freedom CDJR by Ed Morse Service Center. Our expert service technicians have the skills and know-how it takes to provide quality and conscientious automotive service and would be happy to give your vehicle its next transmission flush.

Why do transmissions need to be flushed?

All fluid in a vehicle should be flushed at some point and the transmission is no exception. Fluid located in the transmission helps lubricate the metal components of the transmission while gears shift as the vehicle accelerates and brakes. After a few years and several thousand miles, transmission fluid becomes worn down and dirty, at which point it should be flushed and replaced to ensure that the system can run efficiently.

If transmission flushes are neglected, drivers may notice symptoms like delayed acceleration, slipping and grinding of gears and trouble shifting from one gear to the next. Drivers who experience any of these the previously listed symptoms on their vehicle should schedule a transmission flush with a trusted service center before potentially causing damage to their vehicle’s transmission.

Schedule Transmission Flush Service at Freedom CDJR in Duncanville, TX

If your vehicle is ready for its next transmission flush and you happen to be in the Dallas, TX area, bring your vehicle to the experts at Freedom CDJR by Ed Morse. If you need another type of service, like an oil change or tire rotation, we would be happy to handle that too. Service appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 844-343-6939.

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